Safe & Seen

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Comma is giving away 150,000 emergency high-visibility vests for FREE with 5-litre packs of its Performance Motor Oil.

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The Problem

Legislation in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, France, Italy and Spain means that it is illegal to drive without a hi-vis vest on board. Most of this legislation was passed in Europe several years ago, for example, July 2003 in Italy, July '04 in Spain and May -'05 in Austria.

In October 2008 it became illegal to drive in France without carrying a hi-vis vest, so if you're taking your car across the channel - even if just for the day, you need to make sure you've got one.

In some countries it's actually a requirement to carry a visi-vest for every passenger in the vehicle, not just one for the driver!

Whilst there's no legislative requirement for motorists to carry a visi-vest on UK roads, here at Comma we think it's a great idea to learn from our European neighbours, hence our latest motor oil promotion to give away 150,000 free high visibility vests with packs of our Performance Motor Oil.