Safe & Seen

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Comma is giving away 150,000 emergency high-visibility vests for FREE with 5-litre packs of its Performance Motor Oil.

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The Background

Car care specialist Comma Oil & Chemicals has set up this website to highlight the importance of being clearly seen by the side of the road, should you be unlucky enough to be involved in an accident or if your car breaks down. The consequences of not making yourself "safe and seen" can be fatal.

Every year, thousands of drivers break down and take refuge on the hard shoulder of a motorway. These breakdowns can and do result in casualties - over 180 people were killed or seriously injured on the hard shoulder in 2008 alone*.

So it is vital that if you find yourself stranded on the hard shoulder, other motorists must be able to see you clearly and the best way to do that is to wear a fluorescent high-visibility vest. Studies have shown that you can be seen from as much as four times further away if you're wearing hi-vis clothing.

    Statistics from the UK Highways Agency say that:
  • 58% of hard shoulder accidents involve a parked vehicle being hit by a vehicle veering into the hard shoulder.
  • 10% of hard shoulder accidents involve a pedestrian hit on the hard shoulder.
  • Hard shoulder accidents are very high severity, 32% are fatal or serious, compared with 13% of all motorway accidents.

* Source: Department for Transport